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Ask someone what they’d like to do if money was no object and they’re likely to say “go traveling.” Discovering other cultures and other ways of living is one of the most enjoyable parts of life. It can open your eyes to new foods, people and places. However, traveling alone just doesn’t feel the same does it?

If you’d love to travel or meet people from exotic lands, but you don’t want to do it alone, TravelGirls.com might have the answer: this website offers you the opportunity to connect with beautiful and adventurous women from around the globe. Whether you want to meet a fiery French girl, a foxy Fin, a marvelous Mexican or a chic chick from Chile, there’s plenty of choice on travelgirls.com.

When you first load up the home page you might wonder what Travel Girls is all about and how it differs from other travel companion websites. Thankfully, there are a few high quality videos where the girls tell you about why they love traveling and who they hope to meet through the site. Some are looking for work, some for love, some just want to travel and meet new friends.

If you already have a destination in mind, then you can click on “trips”, which takes you to a map of the world. On this map you can see every location where a travel girl is based or where they'd like to visit. Many times you’ll discover that several girls are interested in the same spot, so you can choose who you’d like to talk with.

Once you click on a profile picture you’ll be taken to a member’s profile page. This tells you their basic information (their country, nationality, gender, languages, height, body, relationships desired and where they’d like to visit). You can also see a more detailed picture of them on their travels.

Members are able to upload a gallery of photos, so you can see people from all sides, and show others your best traits. From here, upgraded members can choose to send a message or even call them, if their number has been verified. The “call” feature is quite unique as it lets you hear the person’s voice and really chat as though you were face to face.

You can see when members are online, so if you time thing properly then you can talk to them immediately. This will prevent you from spending a long time looking around and sending messages to people who never actually log on.

It’s worth mentioning that this site really seems geared towards finding women who are looking for travel, potentially with men who are looking to cover the bills or at least find men who are interested in dating. A number of the profiles we viewed implied that the women were looking for partners who were able to take care of them, as well as wanting to find friends who love to travel.

In terms of price, this site isn’t particularly cheap in comparison with some of its peers. However, there are three lengths of contract available if you upgrade, which offer increasingly better value for longer contracts. Upgrading allows you to make contact with members, which is going to be necessary if you wish to meet up and travel together.

The site also offers considered and practical travel tips and you can contact the customer services team if you have further questions. Meanwhile you can find information such as how many visitors you’ve had to your profile, which trips you have planned and how many chats you are involved in, on your dashboard.

This site won’t be for everyone. We feel its target market is for individuals who wish to travel with attractive women, potentially to forge a short or long term romantic relationship. In that sense it merges travel with dating. If you’re just looking for a few friends to trek through the outback or up a mountain, this probably won’t be suitable for you.

However, if you are looking to meet beautiful women from around the world and would like a romantic whirlwind to carry you across the globe, this is the place to come. The site is inviting, easy to use and doesn’t try to hide what it’s doing. The team have also worked hard to keep the site modern and fresh, allowing users to showcase their physical and mental attributes in the hope of attracting attention.

With plenty of active members you shouldn’t have much difficulty in logging on and quickly finding adventurous women to chat with. Who knows what might happen after that! Best of luck, and bon voyage!

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