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Sometimes work can take over, right? It’s good to unwind by getting out of the house and seeing a bit of the world, but you don’t necessarily want to do it alone. Miss Travel offers a unique opportunity for generous members to pay for someone to travel with them. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful travel partner to experience your vacation with you, MissTravel.com might be the place to visit. 

The idea is this: you’re a guy with money. You want to go traveling and you’d quite like to do it with a beautiful partner. You can sign up to the site, buy credits and get chatting to members who strike your match. If the fire lights, you can arrange for them to visit you, for you to visit them, or to meet at a mutual location. This means you can travel together and experience the world with just one of you paying.

In contrast, if you’re a beautiful woman (or man, although the site seems geared towards women) then you can see the world and have the bills covered by other members. They can give you free air miles, pay for hotels, or cover the cost of all your travels. It’s a cheap (or even free) way to explore the globe on mutually-agreed terms.

Chatting on the site isn’t free, which is how they make money. Can’t really blame them for that. You need to purchase credits or pay for a membership package. This isn’t particularly cheap but the site is designed for rich individuals so it shouldn’t really cause them any financial discomfort. Attractive women also get to use the site for free, so there’s no cost if you’re looking for someone to pay for your travel fees.

The “generous” members (who pay for everything) are required to pay a further one-off fee of $50 to verify that they are to be trusted and have no record of violent or sexually deviant behavior, which adds a further level of safety. That considered, we still think it incredibly important that members are careful about meeting up, and that they take the time to properly get to know someone before meeting up. Chances are, you’ll be traveling together for some time, and a criminal record check can’t tell you everything about someone’s character.

Given the nature of their business, MissTravel.com really should provide more information regarding their safety procedures and how to stay safe when traveling. There is a small Travel Safety Tips section but it’s incredibly short. If you feel you’d like more information, then it might be worth contacting the customer services team to see if they can provide information. There are a few blog posts which cover safety topics, so these are worth checking out too.

Whether you’re looking for a travel partner for friendship, dating or potentially even a life partner who loves to travel, MissTravel.com is a viable and affordable option (if you’re rich or want to travel for free).

However, it is primarily designed for attractive women to meet generous men, so it’s unlikely you’ll find purely platonic relationships for travel here. Still, if you’re interested in forging a relationship and traveling the world with someone on your arm, this is a viable option.

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