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Companions2Travel is a slick-looking website, with some great photos of exotic natural and man-made features from around the world. It has an approachable, energetic shell, but how’s the yolk on the inside? Unfortunately it doesn’t currently perform very well, despite having several good features in place.

Although it was founded in 2004, there doesn’t seem to be much sign of a site revival, with only 77 total members. If only they could get the membership up to a reasonable number this site could have some promise. 

So, 77 members. It’s not very likely you’re going to find someone who is visiting the same places you are, so this site is probably only going to be useful if you’re open to different locations. There’s the opportunity here to talk with a few members (you can do so through a bulletin board or by messaging them) and get a group together, deciding on the location once you’ve had a chance to get to know each other a bit better. This is true of any travel companion website, but is probably a necessity on Companions2Travel.

When we logged on there were 10 groups, 185 photos, just 1 video, 20 events and 287 activities. Activities aside, this is pretty poor and shows that the site just doesn’t have the numbers to keep a community going. That’s a shame because the inclusion of forums and notice boards means that there is scope here for people to get chatting about and arranging trips.

At the moment, you can build a basic profile which includes pictures, although when we tried looking at the new members we were greeted by a blank screen and a profile picture. This really isn’t going to help! If this were a brand new website we might be more forgiving, but it’s been up and running for a decade! What have they been doing all this time? Perhaps the site’s team have been on holiday, it does seem like it.

We might also say “at least it’s free” but it isn’t. You have to pay £20 ($31.79) a year to join, which seems a waste of money. If it weren’t for the fact that the site is very easy to use and navigate, plus the fact that it has several decent features, it would be at the bottom of our pile. The site’s FAQ isn’t much good either, it’s very brief and mainly seems to try to justify their prices as a way of avoiding time wasters. Well, that didn’t work.

You can try Companions 2 Travel for free for 10 days. You might as well, it’s free, but we don’t recommend holding your breath in the hopes of finding a travel partner. It’s possible, sure, but unlikely. With a myriad of travel companion websites around with far more members, you’re probably going to find yourself voyaging elsewhere. Perhaps it will be worth revisiting this website in a few years when they’ve build up their membership numbers, but then again that obviously hasn’t worked for the last decade. 

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