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Are you traveling the world, or planning a trip abroad? If you’re already out there exploring the exoticisms the globe has to offer then you’ll probably already know that traveling can sometimes be a lonesome experience, what with language barriers or simply difficulty in approaching someone. Well, worry not because Travel-Buddies has an innovative solution which works on mobile devices, allowing you to make friends and locate each other easily when on the move. 

So how does it work? First you need to register and (if you want it to work whilst you move) download the free app. Then you build a profile and search for other members near you. You can easily chat, share ideas and photos, and plan to meet up.

What’s more, the app tells you how far away a member is so that you can arrange to meet up when passing each other, or if you’re just a few miles away. The great thing about this is that you’ll often be busy when traveling but there are times when you’ll be waiting for the next boat or just want to chill out and grab a sandwich, so you can just open the app and see who’s around to hang out with. 

The app is currently used in over 170 countries worldwide, meaning that you should be able to find members near you. When we tried it out there were plenty of people traveling in our area, which was a good sign and should mean that you’ll find like-minded travellers near you wherever you go (assuming you’re not in deep dark jungles or down ravines). The really great thing about the service is that it’s completely free, so you won’t have to pay anything to get in touch with fellow travellers.

We found the app easy to use, although you may want to have a bit of a practice before arranging to meet someone for the first time, in case you suddenly realize you don’t know where they are or can’t chat properly. Building your profile is best left to a proper computer rather than a cell phone, though, as you will want to upload and crop photos, add plenty of detail and so on, but it is possible on your mobile device if you can’t reach a laptop or desktop computer.

  It is a bit like a mixture of Facebook and Grinder, insofar as it allows you to build a profile, chat and locate people who are near you.  

If we were to compare this to something else, we’d have to say it is a bit like a mixture of Facebook and Grinder, insofar as it allows you to build a profile, chat and locate people who are near you. Whilst it’s expected people will use the app for finding travel pals, some people may also use it for dating, so expect to receive a few messages along those lines.

As with apps like Grinder, there are perhaps a few safety concerns to remember because members can see how far away you are and can see your photos so they may be able to discern whether you’re traveling alone and what your plans are. If you are concerned please check the safety and security options. 

This app might not be for everyone. It works best if you have access to the internet whilst you’re roaming around the city streets. Since internet access abroad can be expensive, you might find that your phone bill shoots up. However, if you do have an account and plan on being in a country for a while, you could buy a sim card for that country, then simply access your regular Travel Buddies account. Alternatively, you can dash into an internet cafe or hook up to the wi-fi in a hotel or cafe using your mobile device. 

Overall, we were very impressed by Travel-Buddies. It is simple to use and could be really effective in helping you to find a travel buddy or two. The great thing about this app is that it’s intuitive and responds to your needs as you travel. You can build friendships based on where you are, and the sorts of things you’re interested in, linking friends with each other to build small communities.

This means that, where ever you are, you can easily find a group to hang out with, or just chill out one-on-one with someone especial. Whilst its search options could use an overhaul and the customer service is somewhat lacking in areas, there’s plenty to enjoy here and a lot of practical features to keep you travel happy.

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